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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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means for casinos. >> a local teenager is found soaked in blood from a gunshot wound in a quiet howard county neighborhood. the startling circumstance as police are trying to resolve. >> this is ludicrous. we cannot do this with loess companies. no way. >> why public safety services could take a hit in the city. the late breaking details as leaders to try to close of $48 million budget gap. we will have all those stories in just a moment. the big story tonight continues to be the sweltering heat. mother nature has another toasty date for tomorrow. let's check in with tom tasselmyer for the latest on the heat wave. >> on the first-ever summer, you can see from the map that the mid atlantic, from north carolina uppers' other new england is one of the hottest
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areas in the nation. baltimore at 98 degrees bwi marshall. 95 in syracuse, new york. it is not kaline of very fast. still 91 degrees in downtown baltimore -- not cooling-off very fast. the good news is there is some heat relief. we will talk about that with the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> cooling centers throughout the city will remain open to marc for those seeking air- conditioning relief. the centers will also provide free water to anyone who needs a cold drink. you can follow the forecast on our new apps. they are like a woman with a special session held on mcganey expansion issue in maryland, at least for now. governor o'malley and -- appointed workers to agree.
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>> the work request trying to come up with a consensus on whether or not to expand gambling in the state of maryland. governor o'malley says he is frustrated but indicated the session may not be over yet. >> it was proposed as a world- class casino, not just a casino but a destination, a 13-acre facility with four thousand slots and 250 table games. now a sixth casino in maryland is not likely. >> for some reason, suddenly the house decided it would not share in that consensus for reasons that did not make a lot of sense to me. >> they could not reach a consensus on the idea of the casino or to allow games at the five already designated sites in the state. a referendum would allow the voters to decide.
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o'malley and other supporters said the casino would create 4000 jobs. >> to resolve the issues in a way that is clear and maximizes returns for the people of our state, but suddenly the house leadership decided they did not want to share in that consensus. so we will continue to talk with them and continue to work. >> representatives from the group that developed -- argued that expanding the gaming facilities before the designated site for open is premature and not in the state's best interest. represented said no state in the country -- we appreciate the seriousness with which the work group approached its duties.
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>> mgm resorts international recently issued a letter of intent. representatives indicated they are willing to put up $600 million into the project. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now to a disturbing story out of howard county. police say a baltimore county teenager was driven to a field in howard county and then shot in the head. the 15-year-old south last night on old frederick road my man who is getting his mail. the boy was airlifted to shock trauma where he is being treated tonight. police are looking for multiple suspects in the case but declined to provide any more details to us. law enforcement has issued a warning to the public concerning phone scams targeting senior citizens. baltimore county police report that a number of people received phone calls by someone claiming that their annual property-tax is or unpaid. >> someone comes to your house and you owe money to the
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government's. baltimore county does not send people into people's homes to collect bedewed to collect tax bills. >> if you live in baltimore county and you have questions concerning property taxes, call. the man accused of killing a north carolina honor student was arraigned on first-degree murder charges today. michael johnson entered a not guilty plea during the hearing. he is accused of killing 16- year-old phylicia barnes while she visited resolute rock -- quasi-visited baltimore relatives for the holidays. and then dumping her body in the river. the prosecutor said johnson exchanged hundreds of text messages with her. >> there is no physical evidence.
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there was no indications of trauma, so therefore it was pretty much just a ruled out circumstance. >> johnson had been held without bail since april. a trial date has been set for august 13. a got a little hotter today between baltimore's mayor and comptroller joan pratt. she led a whole new round of charges complete with documents that she says support her claims. she is accusing the mayor of mismanaging bids for a new phone system and wasting taxpayer money in the process. the mayor repeated her demand for the comptroller to a pot -- to apologize for the allegations. >> i am very deeply disappointed with the false allegations and i look forward to receiving an apology. >> why should i apologize to the
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mayor if i am doing the job that i have been duly -- it is my responsibility to inform the taxpayers of how their money is being spent. therefore i cannot apologize. >> the mayor denied any problems with the telephone purchases that have been made. there is also budget battle being waged at city hall right now and with three fire companies set to close permanently less than two weeks, the fight over funding is louder than ever. sheldon dutes is live at city hall with the latest round. >> the public safety committee got an earful from the union and people concerned about those fire company closures. they are worried about their safety. >> you can see the fire house from here. >> he is grateful he only has to walk a couple of blocks to get help if his son has a seizure.
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>> it is a blessing. suppose it had not been here? for somebody else to come down here, have been too late because he was having a seizure. >> three companies of the city may shut down in an attempt to close the $48 million budget gap. no physical farmhouses will close, but people are still concerned. she worries about her predominantly elderly community. >> usually the truck will come and rescue you. but they are not here to rescue, we are just ended. >> we cannot do this with loess companies, no way. >> the cheek explain that the permanent company closures would provide more stability for the
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department and the rotating closures that are already in effect right now. >> the lesser of two evils is the better way to go. >> the council is expected to vote on it -- to vote on the proposed budget soon. >> our leader should not be up here spouting on how he can do it with less. i am sure he has no idea what we do. >> council members are expected to gather tomorrow to vote the proposal out of committee. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> angry employees of a security company in baltimore say they have not been paid in several weeks and are looking for answers. state transportation officials are of begging you to avoid this this summer. what could soon be in store for
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the maryland terps basketball team. >> it looks like there is some heat relief on the way in the seven-day forecast, coming up. right now, 80 at the airport, 91 downtown.
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>> of baltimore city security companies being taken to task by number of former intern
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employees who said they want their money. they say their pay checks have bounced, making their fernand lives very difficult. lowell melser has the story -- making their financial lives very difficult. >> a dozen complaints from angry employees of iwg protection services claiming that their checks have bounced. some said they have not been paid in over a month. a number of employees that work for have worked for iwg protection services in baltimore, getting paid for their hard work is been a great challenge and now they say has reached a boiling point. >> people cannot pay gas, electric. they cannot take care of their kids. i am a single parent. i cannot afford these bounced checks. >> she worked for iwg for 2.5 years. she says the company has had a
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pattern of unpredictable payments. some checks to clear and other employees would see their checks bounce at the same time. so were paid within days of bouncing and some within a month. for others, not at all. >> i could not even pay my rent. i was crying to this man and telling him all the things i am going through, and nothing has ever been done. >> she says one bounced check has called her bank to charge her more than $900 in fees and she has gotten no help from her employer thus far. we tried in person and by phone to reach iwg owner gregory isaacs. we tried to speak to someone wearing uniform injuring the billing and he told us the same thing. >> if you working you do not get paid for the work you have done, that is waged death. -- that is wage that.
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-- wage theft. there is at least one complaint on i w g and court documents reveal an unsatisfied lean on the state for more than $53,000. there may be some hope for the employees. >> the commissioner of labor and industry has the ability to issue a final order of wage payment for the jurisdiction. so we will collect for these folks. >> it is unclear if this point how the state labor department will handle this case but they are saying anyone who feels they were wronged by this company should contact them immediately. we have some help on our website, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. shrek state transportation officials are urging motorists to avoid rigid work began
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earlier this evening and is expected to be completed by october. crews will be replacing the concrete decking south of the 895 toll plaza. the work will be conducted in four stages. transportation officials are predicting extensive delays and backups of up to an hour, especially during peak hours, russia ever, and the weekend. they suggest drivers use the key bridge on i-95 as alternate routes. this was the scene today over the bay bridge as 14 tall cranes were delivered to the port of baltimore. maryland transportation officials did temporarily halt cars in both directions while the cranes passed under the bay bridge in the key bridge. the main concern was the possibility of distracted drivers staring at the crain causing accidents. last year i am sure you
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remember the maryland terps football team with their uniforms designed by under armour. now it looks as though the basketball team is following suit. this is the rendering of what the new uniforms would look like. the women's coach tweeted about the uniforms. the football team went 2 and 10 on the season. i still like uniforms. very colorful. >> how about the heat today? >> i was in air-conditioning most of the day. it was perfect for the first day of summer. >> we hit 100 degrees at the inner harbor down at the maryland science center.
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the effect kind of skews that number. the temperature recorded at bwi marshall was 98. that is now the official temperature reading for the metro area. it falls to degrees short of tying the record high in 1931. this the sixth time this year we have hit 100 degrees. we easily get a couple of them by the 20 of june. last year on this day we had already had eight days of temperatures topping a 90. we are running a little behind yesterday's heat. it is hot out there even late this evening. 91 right now the inner harbor. all around the baltimore metro it is running well above normal. a little bit cooler weather and more comfortable up and announce to the west. 69 degrees at frostburg.
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along the i-95 corridor from baltimore to of philly, another day tomorrow with heated by trees and warnings throughout the region. the same high pressure system is keeping the skies mainly clear. we will wake up to clear skies and a head start on the heat. 80 to start the day in downtown baltimore, sunrise at 5:40. while we are dealing with the heat out in the north-central lentic, tropical storm chris is holding on with 60 mile an hour winds. no threat to any major land area, but the start of hurricane season is holding on. we are holding on to high pressure from the south. the cold front just west of chicago, aided by chicago, 59 in rapid city. this cool air behind the front is slowly moving in our direction. tomorrow, 95-100. the front will not arrive until late tomorrow night or going into friday.
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even on friday, to the jurors will be above normal at the front is making its way through. southwest winds on the bay tomorrow, weighs about 1 foot. -- waves about 1 foot. out in the mountains, highs in the 80's tomorrow and then 70's as the cold front works then on friday. showers and storms become likely in western maryland. thunderstorms and still muddy on friday. down at the coast including ocean city, a hot day tomorrow. by the weekend it will be more comfortable down at ocean city as well. the second day of the heat wave tomorrow and then temperatures start backing down with the front on friday. next week it might actually be cooler in the morning. >> trying to find a lost island of atlantis. can the orioles avoid more misery? find out, next in sports.
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>> late breaking news on a pair of former oriole greats bid the
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two former orioles are involved in a federal investigation for insider trading. one has already agreed to pay $2.50 million in fines. eddie murray has not been charged but he is part of an ongoing federal investigation. the orioles took 29 innings to do it, but they still lose to the mets, 4-3. a very frustrated dugout, and then in the sixth inning, david wright going to the deepest part of the park. 4-0 new york, and then the orioles only got their first run of the series in the eighth. they waited a long time to pull it off, 29 innings of waiting. the orioles are suddenly back in the ball game for the first time in the series, 4-2.
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bases loaded, matt wieters and the most -- bases still loaded. brian roberts groundout to second and the orioles get swept unsealed in new york, losing 4-3 in the finale of that series. the braves with a little going away present this afternoon at yankee stadium. it is gone in left field, 6-1. atlanta in front of the yankees. the braves have more big hits in new york this afternoon. at lannan knox of the yankees for a second game in a row, 10-5 -- atlanta knocks off the yankees. maryland's basketball teams will incorporate the state flag in their new uniforms. they will also have a prominent spot on the new lacrosse field.
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the state flag will feel both end zones. it will use the new technology called cool play that reduces the plane service temperature rise much as 15 degrees. it will have a noticeable difference on the student athletes. switching to a final floor project final four playoff format. the commissioner agreed to a proposal that would have a selection committee pick the schools involved in the 14 playoffs. the semifinal games would rotate among the major bowls. the national championship game would kick off each year in the city that did the most to host the game. they could vote on this proposal next week. if the plan is approved, it will replace the current system in 2014 to determine the college football national champions. he knew he had to improve the tigers results in the classroom
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as well as on the court. now everyone else knows why. the n.c.a.a. today declared towson ineligible -- ineligible to participate in the tournament for falling below minimum academic standards. the academic performance and graduation rate fell to meet minimum n.c.a.a. standards for 2011. the n.c.a.a. rejected towson's appeal based on the team's academic improvement. for $14.70 million, you could buy a malibu beachfront house or you could just give that much money to richard lewis to leave. lewis was traded to new orleans today along with the second round draft pick. part of the deal was a buyout of lewis's contract. he reportedly signed a release to free up the salary cap space.
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>> cool off, cool, off. >> it will, but not tomorrow. this is not unqualified as a heat wave. three straight temperatures in the '90s. i next week, highs in the 80's and maybe even 70 by the middle of next week. >> that is all for us tonight. [captionin
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